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Residential Water Filter Replacement Cartridges

Our Counter Top Water Filters are shipped with the Matrikx pb1 replaceable cartridge. "The Premier Performer" is a powerful multifunctional filter cartridge for residential and commercial water filtration systems. KX Industries, L.P. is the manufacturer of the Genuine MATRIKX extruded activated carbon filter.

Key Benefits

Lead Reduction: 2,500 gallons @0.75 GPM;
Cyst Reduction: Giardia, Cryptosporidium;
99.96% reduction of 1-2 micron particulates;  99.984% reduction of 3-4micron particulates;
Class 1 turbidity reduction;
Outstanding chlorine, taste and odor reduction.

Description Item # Price Buy!
Replacement Cartridge, KX Matrikx PB1 2500 gallon 10200 $47.90

Technical Specifications 

Filter dimensions are 2.50" OD X 1.25" ID X 10"L
Chlorine reduction > 90% to 6,000 gallons
Chloroform Reduction ( Not recommended)
Carbon Weight 0.85 lbs
Construction is precision continuous extrusion
Carbon type is steam activated, acid washed
Carbon source is bituminous coal 
High performance sediment filter with extended life due to graded-density pre-filtration combined with dirt capacity extruded activated carbon.
This cartridge will fit most industry standard 10" housings.

Commercial Grade CBR2-10R Water Filter Cartridge is designed to perform several functions in a single cartridge. At the heart of the cartridge is a carbon briquette, formed from powdered activated carbon (PAC) combined with a specially designed media for lead reduction. The replacement cartridge is rated to provide 2,000 gallons of filtered water. 

Key Benefits

Comprehensive drinking water filtration in a single cartridge;
Lead Reduction > 92% through 2,000 gallons @ .6 GPM;
Reduction of VOC's (volatile Organic Chemicals) through 400 gallons;
Reduction of Giardia & Cryptosporidium cysts;
Nominal .5 mmicron sediment filtration;
Highly effective chlorine reduction through more than 3,000 gallons;
NSF listed component

Description Item # Price Buy!
Replacement Cartridge
CBR2-10R, 2000 gallon
10300 $37.90
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Pentek formerly US Filter's "Kleen Plus" (previously Ametek)

Technical Specifications

Meets NSF standard number 42 for chlorine taste & odor reduction
>92-99% reduction; tested according to NSF standard 53, medal reduction test Annex B
Polypropylene outer wrap helps reduce coarse sediment particles
Dimension is  2.80" OD,  1.06"ID  X 9.8"L 
Weight 1.04 lbs
Operating Temperature 40-100 degrees� F

Sprite Shower Filter Replacement Cartridge provides a full year's use. Shower Filter Replacement Cartridge - High Output by Sprite  Due to the development of Sprite's high temperature, catalytic filtration media, filtering chlorine from showers can now be addressed .  Carbon is an excellent filtration media when used under the right conditions, such as, in a point-of-use drinking filter.  However, carbon - drinking filters are designed to filter tap water under conditions that are much different than found with shower water. Of course, you don't shower in cold water and wouldn't use a 60 lb. shower filter.  And we wouldn't cut a carbon filter in half and expect it to adequately filter shower water.  Instead, Sprite invested a great amount of time and energy into developing a line of reliable and realistic catalytic shower filters that filter both free and combined chlorine(s), dirt, sediment, odors, hydrogen sulfide, iron oxide, and more, from your shower water.  When it comes to filtering shower water......."the choice is clear".


Item #



Replacement Cartridge
Sprite High Output

10120 $27.90
!showeri.jpg (156712 bytes)

Technical Information  

**  The temperature of tap water ranges from 600 - 750 (F)
**   Showering Temperatures typically range from 850 - 1050 (F)
Carbon is a cold water filter.  It is most effective at temperature ranges of 500 - 800 (F).  At higher temperatures, carbon becomes ineffective.   It will "off-load" and release contaminants into the water.   Sprite's shower filtration media was designed for hot water, becoming more efficient as the water temperature increases.
**  The flow-rate of most drinking filters is less than 1/2 gallon per minute (GPM).
**   Shower water flows at a minimum of 2.5 GPM, (5x greater).
Even using cold water, a minimum of 5x the amount of carbon would be necessary to filter the shower water.
**  Most drinking filters produce 1-3 gallons per day (GPD).
**   Shower usage ranges from 12.5-50 GPD. (12x greater).
Even with cold water and a 5x larger carbon filter, the filter would have to be an additional 12x larger, or a total of 60x the size of the original tap water filter.

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